Scale Your Mentoring Program The Easy Way

All-in-one platform to make your mentoring processes easy, effective and sustainable

Powerful and flexible to scale your mentoring programs

Customizable Mentoring Software

Technical Support

Program Management Service

Inbuilt Reflection Tools and Content modules

Manage a workplace mentoring program using Leaderbuild


Map the various stages and activities in the mentoring process. The program admin can configure the process on the platform easily


Enrich the program by adding content modules – for both mentor and mentee groups, assessments and reflection tools and group mentoring events


Sustain the program with periodical email communication and notifications to the mentor and mentees groups from the platform


Track the mentoring program activities, the progress by the mentees towards their goals, and the feedback on the effectiveness of the overall program

How does Leaderbuild help scale your Mentoring Process

Get rid of all the admin hassles, and excel sheets to track program progress

Mentor and mentee can schedule calls with calendar sync and manage their mentoring process

Foster effective Mentor and Mentee interaction with periodic communication, course modules, reflection and assessment tools

Metrics and dashboards to measure the Mentoring Program and demonstrate impact to stakeholders

Leaderbuild eases the burden for the Mentoring Program Admin

Onboard mentors and mentees easily with custom fields

Bulk upload using from an excel sheet with various details

Customize the messages, program branding, program journey

Co-brand the interface with program logo, custom message templates and program journeys

Mentor-mentee pairing

Leaderbuild allows hybrid and admin enabled pairing to ensure right matching. Chat and messaging between individual paid and mentor groups for peer learning

Analytics and progress tracks with details

All mentoring activities and completion dates can be tracked

Get feedback, enable surveys and assessments

Track program effectiveness with feedback from users, inbuilt 360 survey templates to measure impact

Seamless communication with direct messages and announcements

Send a direct message, emails to individual or groups.

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