Why Leaderbuild?

Each stage in a leadership journey requires preparation. We need to constantly hone our skills, develop new perspectives and continuously work on inner balance.


Our unique coaching philosophy helps you grow as a leader. It is a stepping stone to help you excel at opportunities in front of you, and setting you up for next level roles through a fluid self-discovery process.

Influential Coaches
Influential Coaches

Our pool of experienced and reputed coaches have extensively worked with executive leaders, entrepreneurs and mid-career professionals. You can choose your own coach to help you with your development journey.

Tools & Assessments
Tools & Assessments

The platform provides a range of self-development tools and assessments. These help in reflection, planning and taking action on your personal and professional development.

Personalised Coaching
Personalised Coaching

Think of us as your "Google map". The combination of the tools and coaches will be with you at every step. Navigate your leadership journey, at your own pace and time.

Make your coaching journey seamless

The platform features various elements to make your entire coaching process smooth and easy to manage.

A few resources to get started on your coaching journey

Leaderbuild’s view tends to be that all individuals are ready for coaching at all points of time, given the right environment and support system, and a trusted coach. Here are some resources to help you get started on your coaching journey.

A checklist to help individuals judge whether they are ready for coaching.

If you’re a leader or someone working within an organization then coaching may be an intervention worth considering.

So how does leadership coaching lead to results? Research shows that coaching can improve performance in at least 4 ways. Here’s how.

Working with a coach

One can think of the coach as a mirror, a catalyst and a sparring partner. Many of us also think of a coach as a Guru or a problem solver. Irrespective of your version of a coach, there are multiple benefits of leadership coaching, making it very essential to have the right coach and a robust process.

The most important part is a deep understanding of one’s unique skills, passions and values. The coach, along with assessments and tools on the platform, will help align your personal, professional and career goals towards outcomes that are effective and transformative.

Executive coaching for career growth & professional development

While we all have our own growth curves and ways of developing, external help is always welcome. Training, job rotation, mentoring, coaching – all of these methods can help in your journey.

However, coaching has been identified as one of the most effective interventions for growth and professional development. More and more individuals are engaging with coaches individually, or through their organisations and networks, in preparation for more meaningful and influential leadership roles.

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