We all want to develop ourselves.

It’s human nature to find a better life for ourselves, and continue to grow. Both professionally and personally, we want to develop capabilities, capacities and skills, that make us relevant and more successful.

Each one of us has different needs and context. We all learn and do in different ways. A structured development journey helps in better focus, discipline and effectiveness, as well as being able to track one’s development progress.

Using coaching for my development

While we all have our own growth curves and ways of developing, external help is always welcome. Training, job rotation, mentoring, coaching – all of these methods can help in your journey.

Coaching has been identified as one of the effective interventions for personal development. More and more individuals are engaging with coaches through their organisations and networks.

However, the process of engaging a coach and going through the journey has multiple aspects, which make it cumbersome or ineffective at its worst. The Leaderbuild platform makes the task of going through your personal development journey with a coach pleasant, meaningful and effective.

Working with a coach

One can think of the coach as a mirror, a catalyst and a sparring partner. Many of us also think of a coach as a Guru or a problem solver. Irrespective of your version of a coach, we almost always benefit from having a coach. Of course, having the right coach and a good process is essential.

The most important part is an understanding of your needs. The coach, along with assessments and tools on the platform, will help in finetuning your needs. But some initial understanding is useful.

How to assess one's readiness for coaching

There could be several views around readiness for coaching. Some coaches tend to use the word ‘un-coachable’ for individuals who may not be ready to be coached. Leaderbuild’s view tends to be that all individuals are ready for coaching at all points of time, given the right environment and support system, and a trusted coach. Here is a checklist that may help individuals to judge whether they are ready for coaching.

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