How does Leaderbuild work for businesses?

Leaderbuild for businesses

If you run a coaching program inside your organisation, or are interested in starting one, the platform can become a one stop shop for you. It not only takes away the administrative burden significantly, it democratises and helps propagate a culture of taking ownership for personal development by leaders and managers.

It allows scaling of coaching interventions, and allows a feeling of access to equal opportunity and fairness among employees. The tools, methodologies and templates are world class, available to users for daily use, ensuring traction and overall performance effectiveness.

The process of engaging with Leaderbuild is transparent and follows our philosophy of solution orientation with our clients and customers.

Features and benefits

The platform has in-built tools like psychometrics and 360 (check the Pricing page for a complete list). More tools are getting added based on user experience and our research.

The coach panel is handpicked and curated. Currently there are over 40 coaches available through the platform. More coaches across geographies and expertise areas are being added. If required, coaches recommended by the business could be added for a specific client, including internal coaches.

The platform allows the business user to continuously track and manage coaching progress, while maintaining confidentiality. It also throws up a range of analytics that help in finetuning of talent management processes.

Leaderbuild for businesses

How do I check effectiveness?

Processes and analytics dashboards are built into the platform for generating feedback at the individual and coach level, at different stages of the development journey. A manager or sponsor input is also built in as part of the journey to track real time feedback on the impact of the coaching process. For a business (or units inside a business), added analytics can be provided.

Frequently asked questions

What are the features available on your platform?

We offer client account level access for our business users. This allows you to register employees, allocate coaches (or allow them to choose their own), track session completion and download analytics.

What are the various categories of coaches that are available?

We offer 3 coaching packages – Elite, Prime and Smart. Each category is focused on specific areas and comes with a recommendation of who would benefit the most out of that category. You can choose different packages for different employees based on their individual needs.

What is the pricing of each category?

We offer differentiated pricing for each category, basis your requirements.


How do I make payments?

We offer specialised support for business wanting to avail of coaching services for a cohort of employees. Please get in touch with us at info@leaderbuild.co for more information.

In what ways can the employee’s manager be involved in the coaching process?

We recommend holding a 3-way meeting between the manager, coach and coachee (employee) prior to the start of the coaching journey. This ensures that the manager can give any inputs that they feel would contribute to the coaching journey. A similar 3-way meeting is held at the end of the coaching process at summarise the journey and agree upon next steps.

What kind of coaches does your coach panel consist of?

Our panel consists of coaches with deep experience in a variety of industries. Each coach has been a practitioner themselves for multiple years. They are also certified in a variety of models and instruments that ensure efficacy in the coaching process.

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