The platform has 3 integrated elements: the coach, various assessments and several development tools. Each journey will consist of all 3 elements. You may want to visit the pricing page to get a more detailed understanding of the various packages, along with what is included in each. You will be able to see more details and all the coach profiles on the platform once you register. Registration allows you to choose your journey with no commitments for payment or even continuing further.

How do I sign up and start using the platform?

Step 1

There is an initial registration required. You will be asked to enter certain background information, like your industry experience and interests.

Step 2

The platform will provide you three different options (packages) to select from. Each package is tailored to the type of coaching support required. This is clearly explained on the platform. You can also talk to a consultant at the selection stage, if you wish.

Step 3

Once you register, you will receive a call from a consultant, who will take you through the process and answer any questions you may have. There is no commitment at this stage for you to continue.

Step 4

As the next step, you will have to commit to a minimum payment to kick off the development journey.

Leveraging Leaderbuild fully

The best use of the Leaderbuild platform requires the following from your end:

Ensuring that you select the right coach.

This requires that you are clear about the areas where you may need development support. Think through, and if required, reach out to one of our experts.

Diligently use all the tools and templates on the platform throughout the process.

The coach may suggest additional tools, reading and methodologies to support your journey. In addition, the library on the platform has many resources. Explore and learn from these, in your own time and space.

Move at your own pace through the journey.

Each of us have our own ways and speed of learning, reflecting and execution in real life. There is no one size fits all. Work with the platform and your coach at the pace you want. It should feel good going through your development journey and not create pressure for you.

How do I select a coach?

When you register and provide details of what you are looking for, and your needs, the platform uses backend intelligence to suggest best fit coaches for you. This intelligence has been built through years of experience of the individual coaches as well as actual coaching engagements and experiences.

All coaches also have specific areas of expertise and these are built into the platform to best match your needs. At the same time, you will be able to explore all the other coach profiles should you wish to. And if you are still unsure, you can talk to our expert.

The platform also allows you to change your coach after a limited number of sessions, should the relationship not work out for some reason.

Some of our coaches

Bhaskar Das

Over the last 11 years, Bhaskar has engaged with the top leadership in several organizations in helping them realize their business aspirations. His consulting experience includes working with senior leaders in decision making and judgment, building trust and bringing personal balance by working on inner passions and values. His experience has been across HR including partnering with operations in effectively managing its people, and working across all functions in the HR space.

JP Singh

With over 30 years’ experience in successful business leadership, JP led teams and organizations to innovative solutions and greater achievement. His colleagues applauded his strategic ability, energetic leadership and strong team building styles. JP used a distinct leadership practice of ‘leading through coaching.’ He equips leaders to better navigate all aspects of their strategic challenges and to strengthen their business perspective and leadership effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions

What are the various categories that are available to me?

We offer 3 coaching packages – Elite, Prime and Smart. Each category is focused on specific areas and comes with a recommendation of who would benefit the most out of that category. Click here for more details.


What is the pricing of each category?

We offer differentiated pricing for each category, basis the specific focus areas of that category.


How do I pay for the category I have chosen?

Once you sign up on the Leaderbuild portal and enter your requirements, you will receive a Welcome call from a consultant. Post that, you will receive an email from RazorPay with an invoice for 50% of the total price of the package chosen by you. You can pay using the “Pay Now” button in the email. After payment, you can then proceed with setting up the sessions with your coach. The remaining 50% of the amount will be charged after the completion of Coaching Session 2.

Can I pay in instalments or do I have to pay the full amount upfront?

On signup, you will be charged 50% of the total price of the package chosen by you. The remaining 50% of the amount will be charged after the completion of Coaching Session 2.

After interacting with my chosen coach, I realised that I do not like them. Can I change my coach?

We allow for 1 change of coach after Coaching Session 1. In case you would like to avail of this service, please write to us at info@leaderbuild.co with your reasons for wanting a change of coach and the new coach that you would like. A consultant will get in touch with you to facilitate the process.

What steps do you take to protect my private data?

Our privacy program includes strict policies & procedures regarding access to and the use, disclosure & transfer of customer data. We are certified under ISO 27001:2013, a globally recognized, standards-based approach to information security management. All standards & regulations are validated by independent third-party audits, in order to help you meet your privacy obligations.

Will my discussions with the coach be shared with my manager/organisation/Leaderbuild?

We believe in the confidentiality of the coach-coachee relationship. All points discussed during coaching sessions are kept private and are not divulged to anyone without prior permission of the coachee.

What if I want to continue coaching sessions beyond the 6 sessions with the same coach or a different coach?

This will be treated as a fresh coaching journey. You can sign up on the platform and select your desired coach. Once you make the payment, the rest of the journey remains the same.

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