First Time Manager Programs

A mentoring intervention for first time managers moving from individual contributors to a team management role can set them up for success. While training and content modules are important, a formal mentorship program. Provides a risk free environment for the individual to reinforce learning and discuss issues at hand. Leaderbuild with its reflection tools provides you the flexibility to create a unique program. 1-1 interaction with senior leaders as mentors, provide more in-depth understanding of individual issues, as against a more broad-based methodology of looking at survey data only. Additionally, this is a great way to build a coaching culture within the organization, and at the same time emphasizing on the organization values.

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Diversity, Inclusivity (D&I) Initiatives

Post Covid, most organizations have a structured process to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce to meet compliance obligations, increase the talent pool and the overall bottom line. Integrating mentorship sessions can be a great way to support your ongoing diversity and inclusion agenda. Leaderbuild enables implementation at scale, ensuring all employees are supported and included, while fostering and building a great company culture. Showcase the impact of the program to executive stakeholders through the rich analytics dashboards with feedback on the sessions and engagement rates.

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Onboarding and Pre-boarding

New employee engagement through a strong onboarding, buddy programs have shown increased productivity levels, reduced attrition and faster transitions. Leaderbuild can enable an onboarding mentorship program for new hires to facilitate this process. A pre-boarding process ensures employees feel engaged and look forward to join the organization. With a buddy mentor to guide, get your new hires upto speed on the company processes, culture and organization structure. With Leaderbuild’s Analytics dashboard find out how many mentoring sessions your new members have had and track their progress to ensure that they are being set up with the tools for success.

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Hi-Potential and Talent Management Program

An effective mentorship program is a proven way to build the leadership pipeline towards succession planning. Leaderbuild allows mentees to schedule sessions and have meaningful conversations around development goals with their mentors. They can also capture their action plan and submit feedback making the whole program effortless. Pairing hi-potentials with the right executive which is an important part of the process is admin enabled. Mentees can access a rich content resource library, and can be assigned assessment and reflective tools for self development. Leaderbuild provides a resource library and a set of 25+ assessments and reflective tools which are integrated on the platform. This enables them to set and measure their development during the journey.

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Workplace Well-being Initiative

Employee health and wellness is at the center of performance. As per Gallup 69% of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms due to work displacement and transitions post Covid. Leaderbuild can provide a platform for employees to discuss with buddy mentors, leaders or coaches crucial topics like work-life balance, career transitions and career growth.

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